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  • Tattoo Removal

    Zapatat Fast Tattoo Removal Method (Advanced R20)

    The world’s fastest tattoo removal. Our Advanced R20 Fast Removal technique reduces removal time and visits by half! Through extensive R&D and over 1,000 R20 treatments, we have refined the technique to the highest level in the world.

  • R20 Fast Tattoo Removal

    Conventional Tattoo removal

    An excellent way to remove your tattoo inexpensively safely and reliably. Cost: Starting at $99 per treatment it's extremely affordable. We only charge for the inked area not your tattoo's total size.

  • 30% OFF Hair Removal!

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  • Laser Hair Removal

    An incredibly quick and easy way to remove shaving and waxing from your life, forever! Our hair reduction treatments are highly effective without breaking the bank! Plus it is safe on all skin types!

Don't worry, (be informed). The truth about tattoo removal myths, nightmares and common misconceptions.

Here are progress photos of real Zapatat clients (not stock pictures most use). Note how good the skin looks and the great results from our ARTSM sessions.

At Zapatat, you pay less and get more. Our prices are generally 40-60% less than any legitimate provider. Quality, safely and experience are more important than just price.

Here is some inside information about Tattoo Removal that most providers don't want you to know or forget to tell you...

We have compiled the questions actual clients have asked most often during over 5,000 consultations.

How laser tattoo removal works and what to look for in considering tattoo removal and a provider.


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