About Us

About Us

Zapatat was formed in 2009 to provide the best laser tattoo removal at the lowest possible price.

Our Motto: Why pay more or settle for less?

For several years, our Founder, a semi retired health-care senior executive, researched tattooing and tattoo removal. It was clear that many people were being excluded from tattoo removal because it was so expensive, risky and inconvenient.  He founded Zapatat to fix those problems and to make removing a tattoo a really good experience. Zapatat doesn't cut corners. We offer top quality and a lower price by serving a lot of people.

Zapatat can remove almost any color of tattoo on every-skin type with a near zero chance of permanent side effects. We are open when it is most convenient to our customers, including evenings and weekends. Walk-in or make an appointment for a free consultation, estimate and immediate treatment. Zapatat guarantees that you will be satisfied within our initial estimate or we will continue treating you at half price until you get the promised results. Learn more in How it Works

Zapatat uses the best laser, the Hoya RevLite SI. It’s 60% more powerful than its predecessor, the MedLite C6. The added power and our specialist's skills increases safety and comfort, reduces the number of treatments, and increases effectiveness on hard to remove inks. Zapatat also uses the Zimmer Cry 6 skin chiller that reduces discomfort and enhances treatment effectiveness.  While Cryo skin cooling reduces discomfort we also supply a triple anesthetic cream at no cost.

The RevLite SI produces precise nanosecond high-energy pluses (an eye-blink takes 25 million nanoseconds). The pulse is so fast and accurate that it breaks ink particles without heating the surrounding skin, thus eliminating scarring and hyper or hypo pigmentation (skin lightening or darkening).  Moreover, the RevLite SI's 1.6-joule power is the highest in the industry and even 60% more powerful than the previous generation Medlite C6.  That means the RevLite SI will produce excellent results in fewer treatments.

Our Lasers are Certified and serviced by the manufacturer and are FDA approved. Many competitors buy used uncertified “grey market” lasers that are not supported by the manufacturers and are not FDA approved.

Here’s a quick list of the Zapatat advantages:
  • Best & fewest treatments
  • Affordable/lowest cost
  • Doctor Supervised
  • Experience
  • Training
  • Latest technology
  • Fast removal
  • Lowest cost
  • Guaranteed results
  • Convenient location and store hours
  • Comfortable lounge area
  • Private pre-treatment areas
  • Ample parking
  • Free Wi-Fi and beverages

Zapatat Team

 Zapatat's team are highly trained and experienced. We are skin experts who are passionate about laser tattoo removal.

Why Zapatat

Laser tattoo removal was our single focus for five years. We have expanded our passion to additional laser-based services. We still offer the fastest tattoo removal, but now include hair removal, laser facials and skin-tone evening. We continue to provide the best possible customer experience, leading technology and cutting edge techniques. Zapatat's Laser Specialists are the most highly trained and experienced in tattoo removal, hair removal and laser-based cosmetics. Our treatments won't damage your skin or your budget.