Myths and Facts

Myths and Facts

  • Myth: Tattoo Removal is very painful.

    Fact: Treatments once took 20-30 minutes and were painful. Zapatat's treatments take only 3-10 seconds. The shorter time and cryo-chilling makes Zapatat treatments very tolerable.

  • Myth: Tattoo removal will remove my skin’s natural pigment.

    Fact: The Nd:YAG 1064nm laser won't damage natural pigmentation even on the darkest skin. Ruby and Alexandrite lasers damage melanin, often causing skin bleaching (Hypo-pigmentation) or darkening (Hyper-pigmentation).  Black, Hispanic or Mediterranean skins should avoid Ruby or Alexandrite lasers (including Picosure).

  • Myth: Tattoo removal will leave a scar.
    Tattoo Removal

    ​Fact: With the right laser and an experienced operator scarring is extremely rare. Make sure that the laser used is a true Nd:YAG with nanosecond pulses and enough energy (1 Joule or more). Hair removal lasers should never be used in tattoo removal. Underpowered lasers use tiny spot sizes which cause burning and scaring. Ruby and Alexandrite lasers also have frequencies that can cause scaring.

  • Myth: High Price means better quality.

    ​Fact: High tattoo removal prices are usually from low client volume, high opportunity cost. Zapatat's low price and high quality are because we serve a lot of people.

  • Myth: I can save money by using online coupons.

    Fact: The quality of providers offering coupons has plummeted. You may save per treatment but will generally get a worse result in more treatments. We won't guarantee previously treated tattoos because they are often scarred and harder to remove. 

    Here is what one client wrote on Yelp:

    "I've had one treatment at Zapatat, then - like an idiot - thought I'd save some money by purchasing a coupon to another tattoo removal place nearer to my home. Their service did not even come close to that of Zapatat. I will never, ever go anywhere else but here for the work on my tattoo removal." Allie

  • Myths: Pico is better than Nano

    Not Yet!  PicoSure has great hype and bad hypo (skin bleaching). It's a 755nm Alexandrite laser, so it removes green and blue ink, but isn't very effective on black ink, and it's useless on red inks. 755nm damages melanin, often lightening or darkening the skin, even on white skin. It shouldn't be used on darker skin-types. Our R20 works so much better and faster on any skin type without side-effects. ​

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