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That’s me! I was on my way for a change and a different approach in life in removing my facial tattoos....Keep up the great work Chris and the Zapatat staff!

— Jason S., Centerville, VA

The Superior Laser Treatment Center

We are one of the only tattoo removal clinics in Washington, D.C., to offer the Accelerated Removal Technique (ARTSM R20). This technique is:

  • Effective: Complete removal.
  • Fast: Usually requires only 2 to 3 visits at 3-month intervals.
  • Safe: No additional risk of damage for all skin types.
  • Convenient: Less than half the visits and half the total time.
  • Affordable: Overall costs the same or less than conventional removal.

Free Consultation

2 ARTsSM, 6 months (Before the last single pass)

2 ARTSM sessions, 6 months total

Experts With Experience

Zapatat enjoys an outstanding reputation for our expertise and experience and for our compassionate and friendly staff. Our clients trust us to perform their life-changing skin procedures in our tattoo removal center. During the last 10 years, we have helped over 6,000 people and performed over 40,000 treatments — making us one of the top laser tattoo removal clinics in the USA and easily the number one in the Washington DC Metro Area (the “DMV”.) Importantly, we are the world leader in multi-pass, fast removal techniques.

6,000 + Clients

40,000 + Treatments


Ready to Look and Feel Better?

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Our laser treatment center continually strives to improve the quality and speed of tattoo removal. We have invested a lot of time in developing and testing of the ART treatment protocols to be sure we got it right. Although many say they can do it, very few have successfully done a single R20. No one comes close to our level of experience and expertise or our results!

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Successful Tattoo Removal — Guaranteed

When you’re ready to change your tattoo to reflect the changes in your life, come to our tattoo removal company for a free consultation, which includes an estimate of the number of “passes” you’ll need. If the actual removal takes more passes than we estimated, we will continue treating you at half-price for as long it takes to get the results we promised.

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