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Why Pay More or Settle for Less?

For several years, our founder, Christian Slavin, a semi-retired healthcare senior executive, researched tattooing and tattoo removal. He found that most people were excluded from tattoo removal because it was so expensive, risky and inconvenient. He founded Zapatat in 2009 to fix those problems and to make removing a tattoo a really good and affordable experience. At Zapatat, we don’t cut corners. We offer the best possible quality at the lowest possible price because we serve a large and loyal client base.

Zapatat — the World Leader
in Multi-pass Tattoo Removal

Through extensive testing and refinement , we have developed what we believe is the worlds fastest tattoo removal. Our proprietary Accelerated Removal Technique (ARTSM) has helped hundreds remove their unloved tattoos quickly — in fewer visits and at the same or lower total cost.

We know of no other provider who matches Zapatat’s expertise and experience in multi-pass techniques.

Zapatat guarantees that you will be satisfied within our initial estimate or we will continue treating you at half price until you get the promised results.

Here’s a quick list of the Zapatat advantages:

  • Best and fewest treatments
  • Affordable — lowest cost
  • Experience
  • Advanced technology
  • Fastest removal
  • Guaranteed results
  • Convenient location
  • Convenient hours (evenings and weekends)
  • Evening hours
  • Friendly, caring and respectful team

My first time here and my experience was great. It is a very modern, clean and comfortable office to be at. Very lofty/medical/medspa type vibe. The customer service is excellent. They take at least 30 min to and hour to do a consultation with you prior to getting any treatments where they go over the various treatment options and their associates costs. They work to develop a customized treatment plan for your tattoo removal needs which is great.

— P-nut G. New York, NY

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