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Zapatat®️ would like to share our wealth of tattoo removal knowledge with you.

Zapatat – The World leader in Multi-pass Tattoo Removal


For Fast Tattoo removal, nothing beats Zapatat’s Advanced Removal Technology: ART®. Through extensive research and development, clinical trials, and continual refinement, we have
developed our technique to remove tattoos in weeks not years.
1 ART® treatment routinely removes 50-80% of the original ink, within 12-14 weeks of the first treatment.
2-4 ART® treatments takes care of the rest, within 24-48 weeks. That’s weeks not years!
Most conventional treatments take 2-3 years. With Art®, Accelerated Removal Technique, we remove most tattoos in 2-4 sessions. That’s 24-48 weeks, to remove your tattoo, and we have photos from over 1,000 clients to prove it!
More importantly, we don’t have to sell packages to keep our customers hooked for years…

We keep our customers with fast results!

2 ARTs Full removal in 24 weeks!

Full removal in 2-4 weeks


Zapatat®️ guarantees that you will be satisfied within our initial estimate or we will continue treating you at half price until you get the promised results.

Here’s a quick list of the Zapatat®️ advantages:

  • Best and fewest treatments
  • Affordable — lowest cost
  • Experience
  • Advanced technology
  • Fastest removal
  • Guaranteed results
  • Convenient location
  • Convenient hours (evenings and weekends)
  • Evening hours
  • Friendly, caring and respectful team