Pico Lasers Debunked

February 18, 2021

I am sure most have heard about Pico Lasers.  Im here to tell you that paying more for a "pico" treatment is not worth the cost.

Pico second is a trillionth of a second and a Nano second is a billionth of a second. So the Pico laser is a thousand times faster, right? Nope!   Because the fastest "pico" lasers the market are 950 -450 pico seconds (.95 - .45 nano seconds) That's only 5-11 times faster than a 5 nano second laser. So what?

"So what?" is the reason I'm writing this blog post. You see we have tested most of the "Pico" lasers on the market side-by side with our Nano  lasers and found 1). they only get about 10% better clearance on s single pass treatment (2. there is much more skin disturbance and potential for scaring (3. there is no way to do our advanced ART treatment or any other multi-pass protocols without huge risk.

Our ART is much faster in removing tattoos here are some examples: