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What You Need to Know About US Navy Tattoo Regulations

December 11th, 2015

Tattoos have always been a common and celebrated part of life in the Navy – there’s even a distinct tattooing style for Sailors.

Some Sailors sport tattoos from before they joined the Navy. Others get new ink to commemorate their time in the Navy. There’s even a...

What You Need to Know About US Marine Corps Tattoo Regulations

December 04th, 2015

Many US Marines have at least one tattoo – but the Corps tattoo policy is stricter than regulations for other US Armed Services branches.  

Some Marines come to the Corps with existing ink. Others get new tattoos to symbolize their time in the Marine Corps, with Americana-themed...

What You Need To Know About US Army Tattoo Regulations

November 27th, 2015
Photo source: SSG Xaime Hernandez, US Army

Tattoos have always been a rich part of the United States Army culture – a majority of soldiers have at least one.

Some soldiers wear ink from back home, before they joined the ranks. Others get new tattoos to symbolize their time in the Army, with Americana-themed...