Eyebrow Correction

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Eyebrow Tattoo Correction in Arlington, VA

Do you have microbladed or tattooed eyebrows that are not exactly what you want? Zapatat can help! We are skilled at correcting microbladed and tattooed eyebrows in the Washington D.C. metro area (the” DMV”). You don’t have to settle for brows you don’t love! . Our highly trained specialists will work wonders to remove or improve your brows with our proven and popular laser eyebrow tattoo correction technique. It’s simple, safe and affordable. We charge $150 per brow per visit.

Cosmetic tattoos, such as microbladed or brow tattooink is usually a blend of colors and oxides to make the eyebrows look more natural and sun resistant. Because lasers can work on only one color at a time, removing eyebrow tattoos may need additional treatments for each color.

The most frequent ink mixture is red mixed with black to produce brown. Because the first treatment targets only the black ink, additional treatments for the red ink are necessary. Below is an example.

No two people have precisely the same microblading results. After an evaluation, we advise you on the number of treatments to expect, the duration of each treatment, and the expected results for color and shape correction. We work with you to determine if only portions of your tattoo should be removed, or if it should be removed entirely. The sessions required for complete eyebrow tattoo removal, depends on several factors.

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That’s me! I was on my way for a change and a different approach in life in removing my facial tattoos....Keep up the great work Chris and the Zapatat staff!

— Jason S., Centerville, VA

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