Anti-Aging Laser Treatment In Arlington, VA, And Throughout The D.C. Area

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Everyone gets older — that’s a fact of life — but you don’t have to look older! Zapatat is the best choice for anti-aging laser treatment in Arlington, VA, and throughout the Washington, D.C. area. Our advanced laser skin rejuvenation techniques can:

  • Reduce fine lines: Our technology can smooth tiny wrinkles and leave more supple skin.
  • Permanently eliminate unwanted facial hair: Forget about tweezing, waxing or using depilatory creams ever again with treatments that target the follicle.
  • Control oily skin: With our help, you can say goodbye to breakouts and clogged pores caused by overly oily skin.
  • Improve acne: The treatment options we provide may cut down on the severity of acne, leading to a clearer complexion.
  • Stimulate collagen: The key to a youthful look is stimulating natural collagen production, which improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles.
  • Give skin a more youthful tone: Take a few years off your appearance with laser treatment for age spots and other procedures that can restore a smoother look that glows with youth.

Our anti-aging laser procedures for the face are fast, involve no downtime and are affordably priced to fit just about any budget. Most importantly, your anti-aging facial treatment is performed by a highly trained Zapatat professional.

Our most popular anti-aging skin treatments include:

  • The Spectra carbon “Hollywood”Laser Peel. This procedure, used by Hollywood film stars before walking the Red Carpet, achieves incredible, immediate results. It’s a gentle treatment that can be performed only once, or as often as every other week. The HLP is also a highly effective treatment for acne. This gentle procedure uses laser energy to target melatonin in your cells, breaking it up so your body can remove it and achieve a more even pigmentation. It also works to activate collagen production deep in your dermis, helping to reduce any irregularities or wrinkles. The result is skin that looks and feels smoother with a more uniform tone.
  • Laser Facial Hair Removal. Laser treatments destroy unwanted facial hairs at their roots, so they don’t come back. Unlike shaving, tweezing and waxing, laser hair removal is permanent. Using pulses of laser light, this process targets the hair follicle. The quality of our treatments is unsurpassed, and the low price will impress you. 

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Zapatat is the place to go for tattoo removal and the famous Hollywood Peel. I also had all of my sun and age spots removed fro my face…Excellent customer service and very clean facility!

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