Laser Hair Removal

Hair Reduction for Silky Smooth Skin

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Service

Come to Zapatat for the best laser hair removal in the DC metro area!  Our Gentlemax Pro laser heats and disables hair follicles while minimizing discomfort with its CDC cooling system. The Gentlemax Pro  has duel wavelengths (Alexandrite and YAG) making it safe for all skin types. Zapatat’s Laser hair removal tech has 15 years of experience and may be the regions most experienced. Due to multiple hair growth cycles, multiple sessions are required. We recommend buying our affordable packages of 5 treatments.

The cost, treatment time and number of treatments required for laser hair removal varies, depending on the areas of the body needing treatment. Sessions typically range from 10  ̶  30 minutes or more. Treatments are scheduled several weeks apart, with the interval between sessions based on the hair’s growth cycle. Please call us for our competitive prices.

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Clean environment friendly and welcoming atmosphere full of knowledgeable people this spot is the place to go to!!!

— Jess K. Gaithersburg, MD

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