Laser Tattoo Removal


Have It Your Way! Faster or Standard still the same high quality tattoo removal and service!

Tattoo Removal

Zapatat's ARTSM is the world's fastest tattoo removal.

ARTSM is highly effective and fast. It removes your tattoo quickly without harming your skin or your budget.

  • ARTSM: Accelerated Removal Technique is 4 treatments in one session (a highly refined R20.)
  • Fast: ARTSM removes tattoos in half the total time (faster than any pico laser.)
  • Convenient: ARTSM requires less than half the visits than conventional methods.
  • Effective: ARTSM works especially well on the most common tattoo ink colors (Black and Red.)
  • Safe: ARTSM is safe on all skin-types with low risk of skin lightening or darkening and very low risk of scarring.
  • Cost: Because ARTSM accelerates the removal it has a minimal increase in overall removal costs, but it saves you time.
  • Flexible: You can choose one or multiple ARTSM treatments depending on your need for speed.
R20 Fast Tattoo Removal

Conventional laser tattoo removal is the standard "one laser pass" session.

It's safe, effective, convenient and very affordable. Zapatat's prices are generally 40% - 60% lower than any legitimate competitor.

  • Cost: Starting at $99 per treatment its extremely affordable. We only charge for the inked area not your tattoo's total size.
  • Effective: Our tattoo removal laser and technique work well on all ink colors.
  • Safe: We treat all skin-types, never scar, and rarely alter skin pigmentation.
  • Comfort: Treatments are generally over in less than 10 seconds. We use cryo-air air and optional topical numbing.
  • Convenient: Your visits will be 15 minutes or less. You can get treated right after the consultation. There is no down-time.
  • Savings: You can pay as you go or get discounts using treatment packages or by referring friends.
  • Service discounts: Military & spouses, veterans and first responders get discounts.


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