How much does tattoo removal cost at Zapatat?

We make laser treatmentsl affordable. Zapatat is one of the few providers that charges only for the measured inked area for tattoo removal. We publish our prices so there is no mystery. Our prices are generally 40 to 60 percent less than any legitimate competitor (see “Pricing.") That said, you should not decide purely on price. Providers who match our published prices generally charge based on the tattoo’s overall size, use inferior lasers, are not medically supervised, and/or are trying to up-sell you. Many higher priced providers don’t have much client volume or experience. Either way, it will cost you more, will take longer and will increase risk of skin damage. One client says it best on Yelp:

“Clean office, knowledgeable and friendly staff, GREAT pricing. Was quoted almost TRIPLE the cost at Centers for Laser Surgery in DC. I got some work done there before and they scarred me and the tats barely faded. I can already see results on my arm from Zapatat. Been to a bunch of laser centers in the area, this one is the best. Great deal for great service. The laser was quicker than others I've experienced as well which is always nice since it's pretty much agony. People who don't say they see any results, GIVE IT TIME! It's not going to happen in a day or a week. I've been through this several times, the first shot is to open it up. You will not see a lot of fading. The second time you will notice more. This is a major process, takes a good 10 times to get stuff out for most average tats. Give your skin time to adjust, it'll work. It's not like everything else in your life that you can just give a quick fix to and be done with it.” – C.L.

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