What makes Zapatat different?

We did one thing and did it very well. For nearly 5 years our exclusive focus has been on laser tattoo removal. Now, we have branched out into laser hair removal and skin treatments.  Our passion has evolved from simply wanting to remove tattoos as quickly as possible, to offering simplicity and affordability in all laser treatment options. We want to make your laser treatment a good experience, so we provide a welcoming atmosphere, comfortable environments and a team you can always trust. This client’s Yelp review and update sums it up well:

I went for a consultation and first session 9/14/12 and could not have asked for a better experience. I was quite nervous but they took the time to explain everything to me and showed compassion with my nervousness. It was not pain free, even with numbing cream though the actual treatments were about 10 seconds. I have a very large black tattoo, 5 inches square of solid color. Painful but quick. They explained the aftercare instructions in depth and were very pleasant.

“Update: I have been coming here for almost a year and have had 6 treatments. I have had a great experience.  Getting close to done. This place is super clean, they are truthful and not exaggerating when you ask questions and the staff is great. Gretchen is fantastic and Monica also is great. I almost wish I had more to remove! – B.R

We view possible side effects as unacceptable outcomes and work hard to minimize them. We hire compassionate skin experts and train them for about 2 months on our services. Each team member has experience with over 1,000 treatments and our lead specialist has over 5,000. We continually test lasers and have the best on the market. We develop our own laser protocols, including the R20, using careful testing. We respect your time and offer a convenient location, evening and weekend hours, and short 15-minute visits so that your treatment isn’t time consuming.

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