Will my skin be damaged?

Skin damage is highly unlikely at Zapatat. Our side effect rate is extremely low even though we treat the most challenging skin-types and tattoos. Our goal is to remove your tattoo and keep your skin undamaged. Some people worry about getting scars, or about having their skin whitened or darkened. Zapatat never scars and skin whitening or darkening is rare and/or transient. We accomplish this through our skin expertise, our in-house training, our experienced laser techs and by using the right lasers. We use up to date nd:YAG lasers and a 1064nm frequency. That is the safest most gentle frequency and can be used on all skin colors with very low risk of side effects. Because dark ink responds to 1064nm we think it should always be the “go-to” laser frequency. We switch frequencies only as needed to remove colored ink. Even then we take care to minimize side effects. People who are African-American, Asian, Hispanic or of Mediterranean descent should avoid Alexandrite and Ruby lasers.

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