Does laser tattoo removal work on dark or black skin?

Yes, if the right laser is used by a good operator. About half our clients have darker skin-types so we have a lot of experience. African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and people of Mediterranean descent or others with pigmented skin need to be careful about choosing the right laser and operator. For those with darker skin types only the nd:YAG 1064nm laser is completely safe because that frequency isn’t well absorbed by skin pigmentation (melanin). Lasers with other frequencies such as the Alexandrite (755nm) and Ruby (650nm) destroy melanin and can cause bleaching or darkening of your skin that can be permanent. Here is Yelp feedback on this topic:

"I've visited the Arlington location for 4 treatments. My initial fear was my skin complexion. Being African American I thought it would cause scabbing that would look worse and appear darker than the tattoo I was removing but actually it turned out very well. The most damage was some swelling. 

I love them! They recommended 10 sessions and after the 4th it's nearly gone. Moreover, the price is beyond competitive.” - S.M.

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