Should I choose the ART<sup>SM</sup> or conventional laser tattoo removal treatments?

It’s up to you. Both conventional and the ARTSM (advanced R20) work well but ARTSM provides faster results in half the total time and half the visits. Both are safe on any skin-type and work on colored tattoos. Zapatat has completed over 1,000 ARTSM (advanced R20) sessions and is the world leader by a very wide margin. The total time to remove will depend on the ink density, location on your body and your fitness level. Higher density areas take longer while shading disappears in one treatment. ARTSM is ideal for people in a hurry, who are doing cover-ups and for those who want to minimize visits and can afford the higher up-front cost. This Yelp review describes the experience.

Today I made my first visit to Zapatat to remove a tattoo I've only had a year a half. The first thing I noticed was the modernity of the office and how friendly the staff was. After a quick consultation, I decided to move forward with the R20 treatment as I am trying to have my tattoo removed by a deadline. The initial reaction I had to the laser was surprising, but it hurt no more than the tattoo itself did. After the laser passed through the third time it no longer hurt and the fourth pass I couldn't feel at all. My tattoo is very dark and I am African American, but I definitely saw fading. I will post before and after pictures when I go back in October. Super excited to work with the Zapatat staff. They're very professional, knowledgeable and I felt so at ease in their office. I also talked to the owner who was delightful. If you're looking for a clean facility and want to work with people who know what they're doing, I suggest Zapatat! –R.D

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