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Zapatat®️ — the World Leader
in Multi-pass Tattoo Removal

With rigorous testing and meticulous refinement, we are proud to present what we confidently deem as the world’s fastest tattoo removal process. Our unique Accelerated Removal Technique (ART®️) has swiftly and efficiently helped hundreds bid farewell to their undesired tattoos. The advantage? Fewer visits, coupled with the same or even lower total costs. In the realm of multi-pass techniques, we believe Zapatat®️’s unparalleled expertise and vast experience remain unrivaled, with no other providers matching our level of proficiency.

With Zapatat®️, you can confidently step into the next phase of your life, knowing that the remnants of your past that no longer serve you can be efficiently and safely removed. We’re here to support your change, provide expert care, and ultimately help you reveal the skin that truly represents the person you’ve become.

Unparalleled Expertise

Leading the field in multi-pass tattoo removal, our dedicated team of professionals has developed the world’s fastest tattoo removal process through rigorous testing and refinement. The proprietary Accelerated Removal Technique (ART®️) has helped hundreds swiftly erase their unwanted tattoos, making us unmatched in expertise and experience in this domain.

Experience Matters: Zapatat®️’s Professional Commitment

Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, demonstrated through our team’s expertise, has propelled Zapatat to global recognition. Moreover, our empathetic and friendly staff understands the personal journey of skin transformation, ensuring a comfortable experience for our clients.

With over 6,000 individuals served and over 40,000 successful treatments performed in the last decade, our experience speaks for itself. We have helped countless clients reclaim their skin and confidence, making us the premier destination for laser tattoo removal in the Washington DC Metro Area, or the “DMV.”

Breaking Boundaries with Zapatat®️’s Accelerated Removal Technique

We take pride in our pioneering role in developing the multi-pass, fast removal technique. This innovative approach accelerates the tattoo removal process without compromising safety or results.

In addition to that, our team at Zapatat has tirelessly worked to refine the tattoo removal process, leading to the development of our Accelerated Removal Technique (ART®️). This proprietary method, perfected through countless hours of meticulous testing and improvement, delivers unrivaled speed and quality in tattoo removal. While many claim to offer similar services, none can match our expertise, experience, or exceptional results.

Successful Tattoo Removal

When you choose Zapatat®️, you receive an estimate of the number of “passes” needed for your tattoo removal during your initial consultation. Should the actual removal require more passes, we promise to continue treating you at half the price until we achieve the desired results.

*Terms and conditions may apply.

Nurturing a Community of Transformation

At Zapatat®️, we foster a community that cherishes transformation. Each tattoo removal marks a new beginning, a chance to reinvent oneself, and we take immense pride in facilitating these transitions. 

Join thousands of others who have entrusted us with their transformation journeys, and experience first-hand why we’re the preferred tattoo removal service in DC and the DMV area. Start your journey with Zapatat®️ today! 

Customers Reviews

  • I cannot say enough about Zapatat. The owner Chris and his employees made me feel welcome and comfortable from the moment I walked in. Carly spent so much time explaining the process and making sure I was comfortable. For the actual procedure, they talked me through it, made me laugh and although it sounds weird, I really enjoyed myself. I would give them way more stars then 5 if I could!!!

    Julie Carr
    March 1, 2023
  • Very professional, very encouraging, and most of all very quick. If you follow their protocols you’re be just fine.

    Mark Anthony Powell
    October 1, 2022
  • Everyone is always friendly. The technician explains everything to you, supports you while she is working and is very patient with you. Always had a great experience.

    Tiffany Mattison
    November 1, 2022
  • I went to Zapatat for tattoo removal. They were very professional, fun/light environment and great rates. I left very satisfied. Highly recommend!!

    Michelle Johnson
    June 1, 2022
  • Great tattoo removal process with even better staff

    Larry Belt
    February 1, 2023
  • We were invited to the grand opening event for Zapatat Herndon, and so happy we attended. From the owners to the staff, everyone was welcoming, informative and incredibly friendly. We look forward to working with you…welcome to the community!

    Unbroken Tattoo
    March 1, 2023
  • Very professional and descriptive of their procedures.

    Liberty Lohr
    October 1, 2022
  • Customer service (Isabella) was awesome and staff is knowledgeable making it a great experience.

    Chris Worthen
    June 1, 2022
  • I just started my tattoo removal journey on my full right arm sleeve with these folks. The staff is super knowledgeable, and very friendly. I opted to use numbing cream which I had purchased prior to coming and I was able to sit through 1 pass over the full sleeve without any breaks. My first appointment was 9/25/2022 and already can see a visible difference. In my opinion it is not as bad as getting the tattoo on and it's super quick. The healing process for me has been similar to getting the tattoo on.. no blisters and minor discomfort. I highly recommend Zapatat, these guys are the real deal!

    Kelly Bryden
    October 1, 2022
  • Being this was my first tattoo removal session I’ve ever received. I wouldn’t necessarily know what to expect but overall the place was nice and clean and the practitioner who actually removed the tattoo was very nice. I didn’t care too much for the receptionist she seemed very snooty and I just didn’t like her energy but other than that everything was great.

    Samantha Bernard
    November 1, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

How much faster is ART®️ vs Conventional?

One ART®️ typically gets the same results in three months that takes one year (5-6 conventional treatments) to achieve. 2-3 ARTs will remove most tattoos vs 12-15 for most conventional removals. Not only does ART®️ removal tattoos faster, it also saves you time (fewer visits).

Why don’t most pictures show complete removal?

The short answer is that our pictures are real. Most are taken before the last treatment. Because people don't come back for a finish photo, we only get perfect picture when clients are removing more than one tattoo. One gets there first and Et Voila a perfect picture!

How long is an appointment?

Your first appointment will generally be one hour including paperwork, consultation and treatment. Follow-up treatment appointments will take 15 minutes or less. The ART®️ R20 will take 45 mins. We do not double book appointments so there is seldom any waiting.

How often can I get treated?
We recommend intervals that will minimize cost, safety and effectiveness. Conventional treatments are generally at 6-8 week intervals between treatments and 8-12 for ART®️ R20's. Shortening the time will not result in faster removal and will increase risk of side effects. We will specify the waiting period after each treatment depending on how you are responding.