Laser Tattoo Removal In Arlington, VA

If you’re looking for safe, reliable laser tattoo removal in Arlington, VA you’ve come to the right place. Here at Zapatat, our team of highly trained professionals are backed by more than a decade’s worth of experience as well as advanced technology and highly refined protocols. Over the years, we’ve delivered results that have exceeded the expectations of thousands of clients.

As a leader in the field, we offer sophisticated, multi-pass removal techniques that other laser treatment clinics just can’t match. We have developed, through extensive testing and refinement, what we believe to be the world’s fastest tattoo removal. Now, our proprietary Accelerated Removal Technique (ART) can safely remove tattoos in only a few visits and at the same or lower total cost. (Much faster than any Pico)

The Zapatat staff prioritizes customer satisfaction. To get the desired results, every one of our customers receives custom treatment based on their particular situation and goals. You too can count on our friendly, compassionate team members to provide an individualized experience with excellent results.

We also offer convenient hours and a welcoming environment to make your experience as positive as possible. Enjoy the freedom of booking appointments around your schedule, including evenings and weekends!

Cosmetic Laser Treatments in Arlington, VA

Zapatat is more than just expert tattoo removal. We offer a variety of effective cosmetic laser treatments and state-of-the-art procedures including:

  • Laser Facials: Our laser resurfacing treatments rejuvenate the skin and clear up imperfections such as wrinkles and acne. (Great for anti-aging!)
  • Carbon “Hollywood” Peels: No Pain or Down-time. This 100% exfoliation is great for tightening and brightening the skin, our Hollywood Peels can treat acne, even out skin tone and can have your skin looking its best!
  • Hyperpigmentation Treatment: Available for all skin types, these treatments gently repair damage from sun exposure and are also used to remove unwanted birth marks, freckles, melasma and liver spots.
  • Microblading Removal: Safe and inexpensive, this procedure corrects micro bladed eyebrows.

What Makes Us Unique

Zapatat always strives to deliver the best possible outcomes at a fast pace and affordable price. It’s this commitment to incredible results, customer service and a high-quality experience that sets us apart from others in the industry. We are dedicated to relentless innovation and testing to be at the forefront of laser technology and techniques. We pride ourselves on pushing the envelope to uncover the best treatment methods and techniques for our clients.

We’re also proud to offer fast and effective laser tattoo removal in our Arlington, VA and Herndon locations, and the surrounding communities. These services are convenient with appointments taking roughly 15 minutes for a single pass and 45 minutes for our ART  To keep our prices economical, we do not charge for the total size of the tattoo, only for the measured inked area. Another benefit of choosing Zapatat is that our non-surgical procedures have zero downtime, making it easy to continue with your daily life.

We want you to love the way you look and feel! Whichever technique you’re interested in, you can rely on the effective, non-surgical cosmetic procedures at Zapatat to help enhance your appearance.

Reach out today to get started? Call us or book online. or visit our office located at:

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