My first time here and my experience was great. It is a very modern, clean and comfortable office to be at. Very lofty/medical/medspa type vibe. The customer service is excellent. They take at least 30 min to and hour to do a consultation with you prior to getting any treatments where they go over the various treatment options and their associates costs. They work to develop a customized treatment plan for your tattoo removal needs which is great.

— P-nut G. New York, NY

I absolutely love this place. I've been here a total of 3 times and I've experienced stellar customer service every time! So they have two options: the first is the regular conventional tattoo removal treatment option and the second is the Accelerated Removal Technique aka ARTSM treatment... The cool thing to remember is that you can mix and match, you don't have to stick to one treatment option throughout your treatment. Flexibility here is the key and I love it.

— Vy L. Washington DC

Clean environment friendly and welcoming atmosphere full of knowledgeable people this spot is the place to go to!!!

— Jess K. Gaithersburg, MD

I have 2 ankle tattoos and my right one is stubborn due to some deep heavy 'island' ink.  Carmen is the best who always goes over every step of the procedure.  I needed a more aggressive, high-level laser approach for the right ankle.  Since Carmen has been doing my treatments, I see definite improvement!  My left ankle tat is completely gone and my right one will take 'maybe' a couple of more treatments.  Love the staff.

— Dot B. New Hyde Park, NY

I've been going to Zapatat for about a year now to get a few tattoos removed and I highly recommend this place to everyone who needs work done! The atmosphere of the office is very welcoming and the owner Chris is a great guy. Him and Carmen are extremely friendly people and are very knowledgeable about skin and all about how the tattoo removal process works. They also offer a lot of other treatments like hair removal and scar fading. Great place and great people. 10/10 stars if I could.

— Jimmy O. Alexandria, VA

Carmen, the laser specialist who worked on me, is professional and talks you through everything she's doing. I can't say enough good things about Zapatat! Once this tattoo is successfully removed,  Thank you …

— Jean W., Reston VA

I have has acne since I was a teenager and nothing I used fixed it. I got the Hollywood Peels and got amazing results. NO MORE ACNE!!!

— K.W. Germantown MD

Zapatat is the place to go for tattoo removal and the famous Hollywood Peel. I also had all of my sun and age spots removed fro my face…Excellent customer service and very clean facility!

That’s me! I was on my way for a change and a different approach in life in removing my facial tattoos....Keep up the great work Chris and the Zapatat staff!

— Jason S., Centerville, VA