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Tattoos don’t have to last forever. Our laser-off tattoo removal services can be the perfect cosmetic solution to changing your look. Here at Zapatat, we offer tattoo ink removal at affordable prices. What’s more, we can do it quickly and with minimal side effects.


Conventional laser tattoo removal consists of a standard “one-laser-pass” session. Using picosecond technology, this process involves 10-14 treatments spaced six to eight weeks apart. Essentially, this method can sometimes take more than a year to effectively remove the tattoo.

Each visit takes 15 minutes or less and typically involves using pre-ice and cryo-air before, during and after the pass. Generally, treatments are completed in less than 10 seconds with no downtime afterward.

Accelerated Removal Technique — ART℠

ART℠ fast-tracks the entire removal process. As the world’s fastest tattoo removal laser treatment, individuals utilizing ART℠ can see results in three months. Complete removal typically takes two to four visits over 6-12 months.

Our trained specialists have refined this tattoo removal procedure to improve safety and effectiveness. With ART℠, there are four unique laser treatments per session, taking place at 20-minute intervals. This approach has no additional risk of side effects but is more rigorous, and proper after-care is essential.

Factors Affecting Tattoo Removal Effectiveness

Getting the most effective tattoo removal is based on several factors. For instance, the size, complexity and condition of the tattoo must be considered. Older tats tend to be easier to remove. However, tattoos residing deep in the skin take longer to remove, as does fresh ink.

Color and location also come into play. Black, brown and dark blue are usually removed faster than pastels and light colors. Because of blood circulation, tattoos close to the heart may clear faster than those in the hands or feet.

There are skin-related factors as well. Tattoos can be more difficult to remove due to health or skin conditions. Darker skin can also be more resistant to removal techniques.

How to Improve Removal Results

To make the removal easier, consider:

  • Boosting your immune system
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients and lean proteins
  • Exercising regularly to increase circulation
  • Practicing good hygiene and other preventative steps to avoid infection
  • Stimulating blood flow via a self-massage
  • Avoiding sunburns or tanning on and around the area

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