World’s Fastest Tattoo Removal

We Remove Tattoos in Weeks, not Years!


Welcome to Zapatat®️, World’s Most Experienced and Fastest Laser Tattoo Removal Provider . Our revolutionary ART treatments save time and money by removing tattoos in 2-4 sessions (24-48 weeks). We guarantee it!

World's Fastest Tattoo Removal
Removal in Weeks, Not Years

Introducing Zapatat®️‘s Fast Removal ART®️:

 Our Accelerated Removal Technique (ART®️ ) removes most tattoos in 2-4 sessions. That’s 24-48 weeks! That compares to 2-3 years of conventional treatments.

A single ART®️ routinely achieves 50-80% reduction after 12-14 weeks. 2-4 ART®️s will usually be enough for full removal. We guarantee removal in 24-48 weeks to remove most tattoos. That’s because with ART®️, we can remove tattoos in weeks, not years!

After one year of research and continual refinement to develop our technique that removes tattoos in weeks and not years, Zapatat®️ has done over 2000 successful ART®️ laser treatments. Typical results are 50-80% clearance in 12 weeks after the first ART®️ treatment.

We don’t have to sell packages to keep our clients for years. Clients come to us because we can remove their tattoos in weeks, not years. We retain more than 90% of our clients because we are the best and the fastest in the world.

     2 ARTs - 24 Weeks Results

Full Removal in 24 weeks, 2 ARTs

ART®️ comprises four unique laser treatments within a single session. Our top-notch lasers, combined with the expertise of our trained and experienced laser technicians, ensure the safe and efficient execution of all four passes.

How it works:

As the laser light is absorbed by the tattoo’s ink particles, a mesmerizing transformation begins. The particles rapidly expand, collapse, and fracture, giving rise to microscopic gas bubbles known as laser frost. After a 15 – 20-minute wait for the frost to dissipate, we proceed with the next pass. Each successive pass further fractures the ink particles, enabling the laser to penetrate deeper into the tattoo. Over the following months, your body’s immune response gradually eliminates the fragmented ink, gradually fading the tattoo. With ART®️, at least 50% and as much as 80% of the ink can be removed within 12 weeks.

Zapatat®️ Tattoo Removal in Weeks, not Years!

Here are some highlights of our ART®️ approach:


  • Four unique laser treatments within a single 45 minute session.
  • ART®️ removal usually takes 2-4 visits over 24-48 weeks, vs 2 years+ with conventional methods..
  • We recommend 90-day intervals between ART®️ sessions for the fastest removal.
  • The ART®️ fragments so much ink that longer periods between treatments works better because your immune system continues removing the shattered ink.
  • Easy transition to conventional single-pass treatments once significant ink removal is achieved.
  • Effective for most tattoos, considering individual variations.
  • Gradually diminishing intensity of sensation with each pass.
  • Safe for all skin types, without additional risks of skin lightening, darkening, or scarring.


Please note that the effectiveness of ART®️ is influenced by various factors, including diet, exercise, and lifestyle, as they impact the immune system’s ability to eliminate fractured ink. Following our comprehensive after-care instructions is crucial for both safety and effectiveness, although predicting individual results remains challenging due to the uniqueness of every tattoo and client.

Precision and Perfection: How ART Surpasses Pico in Tattoo Removal.

After One ART®️ Treatment

 Pricing and Guarantee

Results after One ART®️ session are equivalent to five to six single-pass treatments hence it is to the benefit of the client to get results at a faster rate and overall lower cost. 

Considering the recommended minimum interval of 90 days between sessions, the cost per day often becomes more affordable than a daily coffee at Starbucks.
For heavily inked or scared tattoos or those seeking expedited removal and minimal visits, multiple ART®️ sessions may be recommended. In such cases, a second or third cost-effective ART®️ session can further accelerate the removal process. 

Our ART®️ advanced tattoo removal is covered by the Zapatat®️ guarantee. If the estimated number of passes exceed your initial treatment, we will continue treating you at half-price until the promised results are achieved.

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