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Removes Tattoos Twice as Fast and in Many Fewer Visits

ARTSM is The Fastest Laser Tattoo Removal in the World!

Zapatat’s Accelerated Removal Technique, which we call “ARTSM,” is the world’s fastest laser method for removing most tattoos. ARTSM is based the R20 concept of 4 laser treatments (“Passes”) in 20-minute intervals. Through extensive testing, Zapatat refined the technique, improving both safety and effectiveness. We call our procedure “ART” because our years of experience, trained specialists and refined techniques take our tattoo removal method far beyond the original R20 concept.

ARTSM is 20% technology and 80% technique/skill. A single ARTSM typically clears 50% – 85% of a tattoo’s ink density in just 3 months. Typically it’s the results of 5 – 7 standard treatments (9-12 months). ARTSM has no additional risk of side effects however ,it’s a rigorous treatment and  proper after-care is essential. Our clients love Zapatat’s ARTSM because they get fast tattoo removal — in the fewest visits — with only a modest increase in cost, if at all. Zapatat has completed over 1,000 ARTSM sessions, which makes us the leading multy-pass provider serving the entire Washington, D.C., area including Virginia and Maryland.

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How ARTSM Works

ARTSM is a safe tattoo and extremely fast removal technique. ARTsm is a 4 “pass” technique. Each pass is a distinct  treatment and the laser protocols vary according to several factors. It takes a state-of-the-art lasers and a highly trained and experienced laser tech to safely do 4 passes in a single session.

The tattoo’s ink particles absorb the laser light and rapidly expand, collapse and fracture, creating microscopic gas bubbles called laser frost. Because the laser can’t penetrate  a bubble, we wait 15 – 20 minutes for the frost to disappear. Then we can do another Pass..  Each successive pass further fractures the ink particles and lets the laser penetrate deeper into the tattoo. Over the following months your body’s immune response gradually removes the ink fragments and the tattoo fades. At least 50% of the ink is removed with the ARTSM in 3 months.

Very few providers have the skills and knowledge-base to do even a basic R20 safely. Through in-depth research and over 1,000 sessions, Zapatat has refined and improved the R20 concept so much that we simply call it “ART.”  Here’s some ARTSM highlights:

  • ARTSM consists of 4 unique laser treatments in one session.
  • ARTSM removals can typically be completed in 2-4 visits over 6- to 12-months (vs 2 years+).
  • ARTSM is scheduled at 90 day intervals. Conventional treatments are 45 days
  • ART’s greatly reduces the time and visits to get great results.
  • Clients often switch back to conventional single-pass treatments once the ARTSM has removed most of the ink..
  • ARTSM is effective for most ,but not all,tattoos .
  • The sensation intensity on the first pass is the same as a conventional treatment, then it progressively lessens with each of the next 3 passes.
  • ARTSM is safe for all skin types.
  • ARTSM poses no additional risk of skin lightening or darkening and risk of scarring.
  • IMPORTANT: Several factors impact the ART’s effectiveness including;diet, exercise ,lifestyle etc. because they effect your immune system’s effectiveness in eliminating the fractured ink. Following After Care instructions are imperative for both safety and effectiveness! Every tattoo and every client is different so predicting results is nearly impossible.

After One ART Treatment"

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People choose Zapatat’s ARTSM because they want the most advanced laser tattoo removal with less hassle and at an affordable. ARTSM sessions cost four times the affordable single pass plus a small premium . Considering the ARTSM typically works like about 6 single pass treatments, it’s a very good deal.

Note tha ARTSM is done at a minimum 3 month intervals so the cost per day is often less than daily coffee at SB.

Multiple ARTSM sessions are recommended for heavily inked tattoos or for people who want their tattoos removed ASAP and/or want the convenience of many fewer visits. For densely inked tattoos, a second and possibly third cost-effective ARTSM session  may be recommended. Or, if preferred, an ARTSM session can be followed by lower-cost conventional or other multi-pass treatments


Zapatat’s ARTSM advanced tattoo removal is covered under the Zapatat guarantee. If your laser tattoo removal exceeds the estimated number of passes, we will continue treating you at half-price for as long as it takes to get the promised results.

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I absolutely love this place. I've been here a total of 3 times and I've experienced stellar customer service every time! So they have two options: the first is the regular conventional tattoo removal treatment option and the second is the Accelerated Removal Technique aka ARTSM treatment... The cool thing to remember is that you can mix and match, you don't have to stick to one treatment option throughout your treatment. Flexibility here is the key and I love it.

— Vy L. Washington DC

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