Accelerated Removal Technique: Fast (R20) Tattoo Removal

Accelerated Tattoo Removal

Accelerated Removal Technique: Fast (R20) Tattoo Removal

Our Accelerated Removal Technique ("ARTSM") is the fastest way to remove a tattoo without side-effects.  It's much faster and safer than Picosure and costs less.

Zapatat's ART removes tattoos twice as fast and in half the visits.

ARTSM is a 4-Pass session. It's an R20 accelerated.

Zapatat's ART is the world's fastest tattoo removal. Zapatat's ARTSM is based on the R20 concept of 4 laser treatments per session.  We call it "ARTSM" because it is far beyond the original R20 idea. ARTSM is 20% technology and 80% skill so training and experience are important.  ART achieves 50-85% clearing in one session (like 5-7 standard treatments) with no additional risk of side-effects.   Our clients love Zapatat's ARTSM because they get the fastest results in the fewest visits without increasing the total cost very much, or at all.  We have done over 1,000 ARTSM sessions and are the world's leading provider.

How ART Works

Ink particles absorb the laser light and rapidly expand, collapse and fracture which creates microscopic gas bubbles (laser frost). The laser can't penetrate the frost but in 15-20 minutes (5-10 minutes using PFC) the frost disappears making another treatment or “pass” possible.  Each successive pass further fractures the ink particles and reaches deeper into the tattoo. Most providers have difficulty doing even a basic R20 safely. Through patient research and 1,000 sessions, Zapatat refined and improved the R20 concept so much that we call it "ARTSM".  

  • ARTSM is 4 unique laser treatments in one session.
  • ARTSM's results are like 4-6 regular treatments, accelerating the removal dramatically.
  • A single ARTSM can reduce required visits by half and two ARTs by even more.
  • The first pass sensation is like a conventional treatment, then lessens with each pass.
  • Your immune system's effectiveness is very important in eliminating the fractured ink.
  • You can combine ARTSM sessions and conventional treatments.
  • ARTSM removals can be completed in 3-5 visits (6 - 12 months.)
  • ARTSM can be used on most tattoos and ink colors.
  • ARTSM is safe for all skin-types.
  • ARTSM has no additional risk of skin lightening or darkening and nearly zero risk of scarring.
  • ARTSM saves time by removing your tattoo faster and with fewer visits.


People choose Zapatat's ART because they want faster removal in fewer visits than conventional removal.  ARTSM sessions are affordably priced based on 4 times our single-pass treatments (except for small tattoos.)  Multiple ARTSM sessions are recommended for heavily inked tattoos or for people who want their tattoo removed very quickly and/or want the convenience.  For densely inked tattoos, a second and possibly third ARTSM session is generally very cost effective.  Otherwise, the ARTSM can be followed by lower cost conventional or advanced multi-pass treatments.

1 to 2 sq. inches

$500 to $600

Single color tattoos per ARTSM session.

2 sq in tattoo removal

3 to 4 sq. inches

$700 to $780

Single color tattoos per ARTSM session.

4 sq in tattoo removal

Over 4 sq. inches

$780 + $60 PSI

Single color tattoos per ARTSM session.

over 4 sq in tattoo removal

Over 40 sq. inches


Single color tattoos per ARTSM session.

ARTSM Tattoo Removal starting from $400 per session


Zapatat's ARTSM tattoo removal is covered under the Zapatat guarantee.

Why Zapatat

Laser tattoo removal was our single focus for five years. We have expanded our passion to additional laser-based services. We still offer the fastest tattoo removal, but now include hair removal, laser facials and skin-tone evening. We continue to provide the best possible customer experience, leading technology and cutting edge techniques. Zapatat's Laser Specialists are the most highly trained and experienced in tattoo removal, hair removal and laser-based cosmetics. Our treatments won't damage your skin or your budget.

Myths and Facts

Don't worry, (be informed). The truth about tattoo removal myths, nightmares and common misconceptions.

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