Conventional Tattoo Removal

Safe, Effective, Convenient and Affordable

Laser Clinic Tattoo Removal with Great Results

Conventional laser tattoo removal consists of one laser pass per session. It is an effective way of removing however it typically requires 10-14 treatments spaced by 6-8 weeks (well over a year).

Zapatat offers the most effective laser tattoo removal in the Washington Metro area (the “DVM”). It’s safe, effective, convenient and very affordable. ┬áZapatat’s prices are generally lower than any legitimate competitor. Also we charge based on the inked part of tattoos NOT the total size!

This is why our tattoo removal services stand out from the crowd:

  • Low Cost: Starting at $99 per treatment, Note that we charge only for the inked area, not your tattoo’s total size.
  • Effective: Our tattoo removal laser and technique work well on nearly all ink colors.
  • Safe Tattoo Removal: We treat all skin types, Side effects are rare. ┬áVery low incidence of scaring and rarely permanent skin pigmentation alteration. Note that Colored Tattoos have a higher incidence of hypo-pigmentation.
  • Quick and Comfortable: Treatments are generally completed in less than 10 seconds. We pre-ice and use cryo-air before during and after the pass. We no longer offer or encourage topical numbing.
  • Convenient: Visits take 15 minutes or less. If you wish, your treatment can begin immediately after your initial consultation. There is no downtime afterward. After effects like blistering are unlikey except for colored ink.
  • Service Discounts: We proudly offer discounts to active military members and their spouses, veterans and all first responders.

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My first time here and my experience was great. It is a very modern, clean and comfortable office to be at. Very lofty/medical/medspa type vibe. The customer service is excellent. They take at least 30 min to and hour to do a consultation with you prior to getting any treatments where they go over the various treatment options and their associates costs. They work to develop a customized treatment plan for your tattoo removal needs which is great.

— P-nut G. New York, NY

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