It’s common to hear myths and misconceptions about tattoo removal, often spread by word of mouth and online forums. These unfounded beliefs can cause unnecessary worry and confusion and can even deter people from seeking help to remove unwanted tattoos. As your trusted tattoo removal experts at Zapatat, we believe in arming our clients with accurate, comprehensive information. Today, we’re debunking six common myths about tattoo removal.


Myth 1: Tattoo Removal Always Leaves Scars

Contrary to popular belief, modern tattoo removal techniques are designed to minimize scarring. Advanced laser technology, including cutting-edge ART (Accelerated Removal Technique), targets only the ink in the skin and leaves the surrounding tissue intact. The laser flashes are too fast to cause burning of scaring. In fact our scaring rate is less than 1% and only happens when there is an untreated infection or lack of proper after-care. Following our aftercare instruction drastically reduces the risk of scarring.


Myth 2: Tattoo Removal Creams are Equally Effective

Over-the-counter creams and lotions make tempting promises about fading tattoos, but they do not deliver. In reality, they cannot reach the dermal layer where tattoo ink resides, making them ineffective. At best, they won’t work. At worst, they will scar and make removal harder. Additionally, laser tattoo removal, especially when performed using the ART method


Myth 3: All Tattoos Take the Same Time to Remove

Every tattoo and person is unique, and so is its removal process. The time taken to remove a tattoo depends on several factors, including your age, the age of the tattoo, color, quality of the tattoo, and depth and density of the Ink.  as well as the person’s skin type and overall health. Because of the variables involved there is no way to accurately estimate. We do guarantee the number of passes but it’s not a prediction.


Myth 4: Tattoo Removal is More Painful than Getting a Tattoo

This myth is due to older lasers and/or unskilled operators. Those lasers shot 2 times a second with only 2 millimeter spots. Those treatments would take 1-60 minutes of laser time, which is an eternity. At 10 times per second and 5-10 millimeter spots, it takes only 5-6 seconds to do what used to take one minute. In 30-60 seconds we cover what would take hours of laser time. To be sure laser tattoo removal does hurt, but it is fast and tolerable.  We use ice and cryo air to lessen the sensation.

Many clients describe the sensation as a rubber band snapping hard against the skin. Many clients who fear the pain tell us that it wasn’t nearly as painful as they expected. Remember that it’s the ink shattering that you feel. Not the laser. – uncomfortable but tolerable.  With multipass treatments like the ART, the sensation typically is less with each pass, and local anesthesia can be used if needed.


Myth 5: Laser Tattoo Removal Causes Cancer

There’s  no scientific evidence linking laser tattoo removal to cancer. The lasers used in the procedure are designed to break down tattoo ink/color into smaller particles, which your body naturally eliminates over time. The process is safe, with minimal tattoo removal risks, and mostly limited to temporary skin irritation.


Myth 6: Black Tattoos are the Hardest to Remove

it’s a common belief that black tattoos are the most stubborn. In reality, black ink absorbs all laser wavelengths, making it the easiest color to remove. Lighter colors, such as green or blue, can be more challenging to eliminate due to their specific absorption spectra.


Myth 7: Lasers Can’t Treat Darker Skin

Over 50% of our clients are African American and 60% are non-white. We have to be good at treating darker skin so we have specialized treatments for each skin-types.The misconception that dark skin cannot get laser treatments is due to older technologies (Ruby and Alexandrite lasers). Those have wavelengths that are highly absorbed by melanin, so the permanent hypo-pigmentation was very common. With the introduction of ndYAG lasers that have a wavelength that has much less melanin absorption so it’s safe on any skin-type. While the melanin absorption is lower, it is not zero. That’s why we take added precaution with our darker skin clients. Mild hypo can occur but it’s usually transient and the skin lightening goes away with time.


Make the Right Choice for Your Skin

Both getting and removing tattoos are personal cosmetic decisions. We treat anyone who comes to us with respect and zero judgment (we have tattoos too!). Our team of professionals utilizes advanced technologies and techniques, , like the ART method, to ensure safe, effective, and comfortable tattoo removal experiences. Come in and be prepared to be amazed!


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