We know from our surveys that the #1 reason for removing a tattoo is “just got tiered of it” #2 was poor design/execution. Whatever is your reason, we are here to help. Enter Zapatat, the leading provider of tattoo removal services in the DMV (Arlington and Herndon).  We also saw the tattoo removal was taking too long (Avg 2 Years) Thats why we developed the world’s fastest laser tattoo removal method.We call it the Accelerated Removal Technique (ART).


What is ART and How Does it Surpass Pico?

ART, or Accelerated Removal Technique, is a Zapatat’s proprietary revolutionary procedure designed to provide efficient, safe, and affordable tattoo laser removal. Unlike conventional or Pico methods, which typically involve a standard “one-laser-pass” session, ART employs a four-pass technique within 20-minute intervals, ensuring a faster, more thorough tattoo removal. One ART typically removes 50-85% of the ink in most tattoos.


Benefits of ART for Tattoo Removal

Here are a few unmatched benefits of ART for tattoo removal:

  1. Unparalleled Speed: A single ART session can clear between 50%-85% of a tattoo’s ink density in just three months. Compared to traditional treatments, this is equivalent to 5-7 sessions spread over 9-12 months.
  2. Expertise: Zapatat did in house research for one year (60 volunteers). Zapatat has provided over 3,000 ARTs with results that range for very good to amazing. ART’s effectiveness  20% technology and 80% technique/skill.
  3. Safety: With no additional risk of side effects compared to traditional methods, ART provides safe tattoo laser removal. Aftercare is crucial, but the rigorous treatment process is well-managed by the Zapatat team.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Considering the speed and fewer visits required, ART comes with only a modest increase in cost, if any, offering excellent value for money.
  5. Wide Coverage: ART is effective for most, but not all, tattoos. Zapatat experts will guide you on the best course of action tailored to your specific tattoo.
  6. Skin Friendly: ART poses no additional risk of skin lightening, darkening, or scarring. It’s safe for all skin types, reinforcing Zapatat’s commitment to your health and well-being.
  7. Customizability: The ART process is customized for your skin-type the tattoo’s density, color, and other factors. Zapatat’s skilled technicians adjust the treatment to suit individual needs. This adaptability ensures a higher rate of success and customer satisfaction.
  8. Enhanced Immune Response: Finally, the ART technique fractures so much ink that your body’s natural immune system will keep removing the tattoo for 12-24 months. We recommend 3 month intervals because most clients want the fastest removal but waiting longer can save money. It’s up to you to balance speed and cost.


Beyond Pico: Embrace the ART Revolution for Tattoo Removal

When you’re seeking tattoo removal near me, look no further than Zapatat. With a track record of over 3,000 successful ART sessions, we are the leading multi-pass provider serving Arlington, Herndon, and the entire Washington, D.C., area (the “DMV”). The choice is clear: why settle for slower, less efficient methods when ART can offer superior results in fewer visits?


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