What Other Providers Won't Tell You

What Other Providers Won't Tell You

We've learned a couple of secrets along the way. Here is what most providers leave out or forget to tell you during their consultations.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Tattoos are permanent because the ink is deposited deep in the skin (the Dermis) and is encapsulated and bonded between skin cells (like a scar.) Laser removal works by dislodging the ink and breaking it into particles small enough for the body's natural processes to remove.

  • The laser causes ink particles expand, collapse and shatter rapidly, leaving surrounding tissue unaffected.
  • The fractured ink is transported away by the body's natural processes.
  • The tattoo fades gradually.
  • Laser tattoo removal is based on Selective Photo Thermolysis (SPT.)
  • SPT happens by applying a lot of laser energy for a very short time so the laser will only damage the targets that absorb the light best.
  • Lasers have to be very powerful and have very short pulses to achieve SPT and not damage surrounding non-targets.
  • Effective Laser Tattoo removal requires precise delivery of over 200 megawatts for less than 20 nanoseconds.
  • Underpowered lasers focus the beam on a small spot. That results in scaring.
  • Zapatat's very powerful lasers have a large spots and a short 5 nanosecond pulse. No Scaring!

How to choose your laser tattoo removal provider (How Not to Get Burned.) 

  • Price: Even though Zapatat is low cost we advise you not to let price be the driver in your choice. There isn't a strong relationship between price, actual cost and quality in tattoo removal. Some high priced providers are really good but many don't have the skills and/or lasers to be safe and effective. The same goes for lower priced providers. The question is how to tell the difference?

  •  Laser Equipment: You want modern Q-Swiched lasers that have enough power and the right frequency for your ink color and skin color. NEVER use a non Q-Switched, long-pulse laser or IPL device. There are 3 basic types of Q-switched lasers, the Nd:YAG 1064/632nm is the industry standard because it is very safe and effective on most dark inks and all skin-types. The Alexandrite 755nm laser is a fairly aggressive frequency that has side-effects and should not be used on darker skins. It can alter skin pigmentation and scar. It is very effective on green and blue ink and was largely replaced by the the safer Nd:YAG. The Ruby 650% is the granddad of Q-Switched lasers which was abandoned for the "safer" Alexandrite. Ruby is a very aggressive laser with lots of side-effects. It should only be used when nothing else works.

  • Experience: Laser tattoo removal is pretty complex because every tattoo and owner is unique. 50-80% of safety and effectiveness depends on the laser operator's skill and experience. Our advice is to find a provider and laser operator who knows skin and lasers and has lots of experience in removing tattoos on your skin-type. Degrees and certifications are meaningless unless the person has experience and a track-record.

  • Training: Unfortunately, there is no easy way to tell that an operator is properly trained without asking. Anyone can get a Certified Laser Technician certification for tattoo removal in 2 days. Laser Manufacturers train and certify people in a few hours. That's not enough to understand skin, laser physics, safety and laser treatment. Some MD's are super knowledgeable and experienced with lasers and others are not. 

Power and control are why we use Revlite Si lasers.

Nd:YAG laser 1064nm is safe on any skin type.
Multiple Frequencies 1064nm, 532nm, 585nm, 650nm treat nearly all ink colors.
High energy (1.6 Joules) High energy minimizes site-effects. Medlite C6, Quanta, Aestanza and Spectra are 1.0j.
10mm Spot Size  Larger spot sizes provide safer and faster treatments.
FDA Approved & Certified Our lasers are purchased new so they are FDA Certified.
Manufacturer Serviced Monthly servicing keeps our lasers in top condition.

Why Zapatat

Laser tattoo removal was our single focus for five years. We have expanded our passion to additional laser-based services. We still offer the fastest tattoo removal, but now include hair removal, laser facials and skin-tone evening. We continue to provide the best possible customer experience, leading technology and cutting edge techniques. Zapatat's Laser Specialists are the most highly trained and experienced in tattoo removal, hair removal and laser-based cosmetics. Our treatments won't damage your skin or your budget.

Zapatat Guarantee

Zapatat estimates the treatments you will need and guarantees it!