Nano vs. Pico Lasers

Our Revlite SI lasers

Zapatat uses the Revlite SI because it's the very powerful safe and reliable.

  • Nd:YAG is safe on any skin type
  • Works on nearly all tattoo ink colors
  • 60% more power (1.6 Joules vs 1.0 Joule for the Med-lite. Spectra,Quanta Q-plus, etc)
  • 10mm spot size means faster treatments and deeper penetrations
  • 5 nanosecond pulses safely break ink without damaging skin
  • Very precise and uniform beam
  • Very controllable (needed for the ART R20)


We rejected the Picosure because of its outdated Alexandrite technology.

  • Alexandrite laser
  • 755 nm single wavelength
  • Low Power
  • Damages melanin causing skin lightening or darkening
  • Not very effective on black or dark blue ink
  • Ineffective on red ink
  • Zapatat's  ART R20 is more effective, is safer, and costs less

New 1064 nm Pico Lasers

1064 Pico lasers. We tested 2 and were unimpressed. The latest buy one may be good.

  • 500-900 picosecond pulses
  • 1064 nm and 632 nm frequencies
  • Saw only slightly better single pass results in side-by-side testing.
  • Unable to achieve a multi-pass
  • Will increase treatment cost
  • The ART R20 (Nano) was much more effective

Zapatat Guarantee

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Tattoo Removal

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